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Long (ish) time, no post

We’ve been working strange hours this week – nights for him and early, LONG days for me.  Not an ideal combination.  It’s been like living in a submarine where beds are used in shifts!

I hate it when my routine is thrown out of kilter.  I feel bloated because I feel that I haven’t eaten all that well (although this is largely in my mind) and grumpy because I have barely seen my husband (or daylight).

I don’t know about you, but when the going get tough, the tough go shopping!  This week may have therefore entailed several mad purchases, including Illamasqua, MAC, Chanel, a Whistles dress, some cute towels with foxes on and a Land Rover (cough).


Image courtesy of fashionpearlsofwisdom.co.uk


So, this weekend will mostly be spend eBaying any internal organs that are still viable for a quid or two 😉

How do you cope with a careful routine being thrown into disarray?

Love, SnailPolish x


Chanel Superstition Collection Le Vernis – Mysterious and Alchimie

I got to see the Chanel Superstition Collection in full on its release date in the Coven Garden Chanel store, and was thrilled!  Sadly, my husband was less than thrilled with my intention to fritter so much money, so I had to pass it by…

…Until today, ha ha!  I’ve ummed and ahhed about what to get.  I really liked the eyeliner, but just cannot justify dropping £19 for around 4cm of product (seriously, twist one up fully next time you are at the counter and prepare to have your flabber ghasted!); and whilst Gri Gri is a gorgeous shade of eyeshadow, £23 seems a lot for a single that has received a relatively poor review from the oracle that is Temptalia.

So, I settled for two of the nail colours instead – Mysterious and Alchemie.  Aren’t they just fabulous?


They complement each other so well!IMG_2551

I cannot wait to try them, and just *know* that they will look fab with some of my recent autumn purchases, such as this Whistles dress and this NW3 dress.

Yum yum.  One more shot for the road?  Ok!

IMG_2552Swatches to follow 🙂

Love, SnailPolish x