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August Payday Haul :)

A semi-crazy splurge to share today.  But each and every item fulfils a specific need, rather than constituting an indulgent want.  Honest.

First up is the MAC 116 blusher brush.  I have been prevaricating about this for a couple of years.  The £27 price tag seemed difficult to swallow.  But as I gradually accrued more lovely blushers, I found myself hating the way they applied with my old brush.  It was like wearing an ill-fitting, nasty old bra under a designer dress (which I have done too, and which is also just a complete waste of money).  To be fair, my old No. 7 brush from Boots had given me over a decade of service, but out with the old!  My cheeks are much thinner nowadays, so the size of this brush is as peachy as my newly-powederd chops.

And what better to test this new brush than a new blusher?  In this case, Nars’ Deep Throat.  Now, I don’t see any innuendo in the name.  It’s obviously named after this chap (link totally safe for work and is even educational).

The seasons are turning and I am no longer willing to endure my annual cycle of cracked and cold-sored lips, which is made all the worse by sweating into wind-blown skin whilst out running.  The Beauty Look Book (along with the scores of reviews on Makeupalley) convinced me that the Jo Malone Vitamin E Balm would do the trick.


Okay, I’ll admit that the Chanels were a greedy want.  But I have discovered a secret Chanel counter that had random polishes from old collections still in stock.  Black Pearl!  Fracas!  Still for sale in August 2013!  Both of which were missed originally and both of which are now mine, he he.

Not a bad haul, eh?

As an aside, how do you use MUA? I tend to sort the reviews into my age-group and discount any reviews that focus on price alone.  Whilst reviews such as ‘good but nothing that a £5 brush wouldn’t do’ are helpful, ones along the lines of ‘OMFG I can’t believe it costs this much!’ are not to me.  To me, value is about quality and fit-for-purposeness much more than price 🙂