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August Wish List

Hurrah, payday!  My absolutely favourite time of the month!  I’m a complete spendthrift and my disposable income drains out of my account at the speed of knots on all sorts of pretties and shinies (and wine).

This month I am particularly lusting after Chanel’s Autumn Winter Superstition collection, especially the nail polishes.  I am going to the Chanel flagship store in Covent Garden next week, so may just come away with one or two.  Mysterious looks fab – a great autumn colour that will match all of my clothes.  I need to see Elixir as it may be similar enough to YSL Rose Baby Doll, which I already own, to pass on.  And I’m on the fence about Alchimie, although – damn you, Chanel, and your nifty marketing – the limited status is making me want it whether or not I love it!


I’ve also seen a fab Dior Bonne Etoile compact popping up on US blogs recently – part of the new Constellations collection, apparently.  Haven’t got a clue if/when/ever it will be available in the UK, but I love the look of it!  I think the colours will work well with my pale skin, dark hair and blue eyes.


So, that’s my list (for now).  What are you lusting after this payday?

(All images are from Temptalia’s website – thank you)