All about me

In short, I’m a 30-something Brit blogger, obsessed with clothes, make-up and shopping.  I am a very deep person.


In long, there’s a little more to me than that – and more depth too, I promise!  I have a hectic life, with a demanding professional career and full-on home life.  I’ll probably not go into them here as a) it’s a place to escape my day-to-day existence and b) I am very Google-able (I am the first link that appears when you click on my name!).  I’m not an exciting sleb, but I could do with my own private corner of the internet!  For this reason, I don’t have a twitter or FaceBook account, although maybe I’ll get one linked to this blog someday.

As the short message suggests, I really love all things pretty and shiny.  I’m a relative noob to makeup and beauty, despite my advancing years, which accounts for my wanton spendthriftrey.  I am playing catch-up!  I stopped biting my nails a year ago, hence the crazy addiction (and blog name) to high-end nail polish.  I feel that I deserve it, he he.  I do my nails myself and have never had a professional manicure.  As much as I love all things beauty, I’m not into being prodded and poked!

My dislike of being prodded and poked in part stems from the fact that I suffer from alopecia.  More specifically, I have what androgenic alopecia, clinically known as ‘female pattern hair loss,’ (FPHL ).  What this means is that my hair is thinning all over, but without any specific bald spots.  It sucks cocks, but them’s the breaks.  Little point in upsetting oneself about it.  It can’t be changed and it won’t kill you.  As a result, this blog won’t contain ideas for hairstyles and the such.  My hair is just too scrappy!  However, I do plan on writing some posts with advice about how to look after your hair, and what has worked for me.

In addition to pretty baubles, another thing that I LOVE is running.  Long distances specifically.  It’s good for the sanity and the waistline!  And free too! (Excluding trainers, sports bras, tops, shorts, special socks, special watch…  Okay, not so free!)  Downside is that I have (what is affectionately known in our house as) runner’s face.  Thin, angular and tending towards gauntness at the cheeks.  Nice.  I think it was Madonna who said that as you reach a certain age, you have to choose between face and body.  No contest.  The thrill of my clothes always fitting just right and having muscles where mere mortals simply wobble is the schniz.  Plus, you can correct your face with make-up, especially blusher.  Lots of blusher.  Yum!

Finally, I do love making, thrifting and photography.  I could spend hours trawling around architectural salvage yards, charity shops, and the such.  Maybe some of my finds and makes will appear here too.  Who knows!

Love, SnailPolish x


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