Review – A-England Galahad Nail Polish

An oldie but a goodie.  This has been sat in my stash for about 11 months since the last wear.  I don’t know why I forgot about it as the colour is beautiful.  I think it’s my favourite tealy-blue that I’ve owned, and matches my favourite Vivienne Westwood handbag perfectly.  (Mine is bigger than this… and better, ha ha!)

A-England polishes are fab and apply like a dream, and last for about a week on me.  These pics are with two coats and a top-coat.  


My only complaint is that there is no mixing ball in the bottles.  After 11 months without being touched, they had separated a little and it was a slight PITA to shake them back together.  This picture of the bottle on its side shows you what I mean.  I’m going to try to track down some ball bearings and pop them into the bottle.Nails3

A-England polishes are £9 each within the UK from Adina’s site, and can also be bought worldwide.

I would definitely re-purchase this as it is such a gorgeous colour that lasts so well.

Have you tried any A-England polishes?  What’s your favourite shade?

Love, SnailPolish x


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