Review – Illamasqua Facet Nail Polish

I really love Illamasqua nail polishes, although I have neglected them in my recent high-end gluttony.  However, I just could resist their new shade – Facet – which is part of the Sacred Hour collection.

Illamasqua describe Facet as ‘grey crystal’, which is somewhat obtuse if you’re looking to purchase without seeing it in the flesh!  The base of this nail colour is a smokey, taupe-leaning grey that is flecked with warm copper micro glitter.  Despite the glitter, this is not too in-you-face blingy as the muted base calms everything down.  I normally have an aversion to glitter polish, but to me this is more shimmery that sparkly, although this does come alive in direct sunlight.



All of the photos have been taken with a flash.  It’s so gloomy today, and I felt that flash photos captured the polish more honestly.


I’ve had this polish on for two days and it is immaculate, despite doing some heavy-duty chores.  I’ve used it with my regular Illamasqua base, and the combo feels exceptionally robust.  As an experiment, I am not taking this off until it is knackered, so I will update you on its longevity.

Overall, I am really pleased with this, and would repurchase (hypothetically, of course.  Who has ever actually finished a nail varnish?).  This retails for £14.50, and I was pleased to save 10% at a recent Debenhams event.

Will you be exploring the many dimensions of Facet?


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