Comparison: YSL Touche Eclat Foundation Vs YSL Forever Youth Liberator Foundation

This summer I have really got into wearing YSL’s Touche Eclat Foundation, as its dewy, semi-sheer finish has been a welcome break from the heavy matte appearance of MAC Studio Finish, which is my winter go-to.  So, when their Forever Youth Liberator Foundation came out, I was interested to know how they would compare.

Now, how you feel about this will depend on whether you buy into the life-transforming properties of serum.  I have (inconsistently) used the Forever Youth serum for a while now, and remain on the fence (which explains my lack of consistency in using it).  To me it’s an expensive nice-to-have, and one that is easily forgotten when I am against time in the morning.  So, the Forever Youth foundation seemed like the perfect compromise for those on the go!

So, last week I tootled to John Lewis and asked for a sample in my usual B10 shade. I have worn it every day this week, and can honestly say that I cannot see much difference in performance or appearance between the two.


As you can see, the colours are identical.


They blend identically.


Here they are blended into each other.  There is no difference in texture, colour or scent.  (And there is a slightly floral scent, which I had never noticed on my face, but is inescapable now they are swatched on my arm!)


I asked my husband whether he could tell them apart, and he couldn’t. (He is an observant and medically-trained so more than capable of discerning differences to skin!)

I wore the Forever Youth version last night, and actually thought that it was too dewy, and made me look too shiny.  However, I was wearing my new Dior Bonne Etoile eyeshadows (review is coming – promise), so perhaps it was more owing to glitter/dew overload, than the foundation performing differently to its Touche Eclat counterpart.

Bottom line – there is a  difference in price – £29 vs £34, but if you buy into the serum and it works for you, then the new Youth Liberator Foundation could be just the ticket.  For now, I am going to stick with the Touche Eclat (not least as I have just started a new bottle!), but for anyone in the UK, Debenhams is having a 10% off event today, so now is the time to try either of them!

I’m actually looking forward to re-acquainting with my matte MAC foundation now that it’s Autumn.  Do you find that your foundation tastes change with the season?

Love, SnailPolish x



  1. Liz (@Reductionista)

    Your husband is a gem! lol

    I recently tried a sample of Touche Eclat and it was WAY too dewy, so I can’t even imagine what this serum one might do for my face. I’m the opposite of you – I tend to try to go dewier with makeup in fall because the cold makes my face drier. It’s powders and mattes during summer to beat the humidity and sweat.

    • Snail Polish

      Putting his expensive education to good use, lol!

      If you have oil problems, then I would avoid the serum foundation. I’ve reached the end of my sample (empties, hurrah!) and will not be buying!

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