Review – Chanel Le Vernis No. 601 Mysterious

Okay, I need to get this out of the way.  Whenever I think of this polish, this fricking earworm gets stuck in my head.  Terrible.  We all know that his seminal album was the curated duets with his erstwhile wife.  I mean, check out these fab-o-lous reviews!


Right, cheesy pop pec flashbacks out of the way and onto the polish!

I bought Mysterious last week in Harvey Nichols, along with its shimmery Alchimie friend.  Poor Miss Elixir was left behind.  I liked her but didn’t love her, and felt that she was too close to my hardly-used YSL… But now that I’ve begun the process of animatism, I feel so bad at tearing her away from her friends, and I sense it’s only a matter of time before she comes to live with me.Nails3


Mysterious is a deep, dark olivey khaki.  In low light it is very close to black, but in direct light, you can see the murky green emerge.  I love this colour, but I sense it is a marmite job.  It  reminds me of of a thick handful of gelatinous seaweed being plucked from the sea bed (or just saag aloo, if I am being frank).  It is quite daring and grungy, yet simultaneously sophisticated.


I wore this on Sunday when I went for a meal with my husband, and it was the perfect complement to my fabby new Whistles dress.


It’s been on for two days, and got a chip this afternoon.  I blame the crappy courtesy car that I have been saddled with, rather than the Chanel. (I got rear-end shunted last week and my beloved Beetle Sport is in for repairs.  And what do I – a committed VW-aholic – get in return?  A Ford Frigging Mondeo.  And one that CHIPS Chanel when I’m belting up at that.  A Mondeo.  Weep.)

So, Mondeo woes aside.  Mysterious is great.  It’s permanent so no need to rush out to get it.  But if you do get it sooner than later, you will get max value out of it for Autumn.

What do you think of this colour?  Do you get the seaweed/saag/silage vibe from it, or something altogether more glamourous?  And – more importantly – does the thought of being seen in public in a Mondeo make you want to curl up and die?!

Love, SnailPolish x


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