Review – Chanel Les Vernis 517 Starlet

A lot of people have reviewed this one recently, but I wanted to add my experience into the mixer!

Today I am reviewing Chanel’s newest limited edition nail polish called Starlet, which is from its Avant Premier collection.  Boots had a mad offer on last month – buy any two premium beauty products and get 750 Advantage Card points.  There’s an offer not to be sniffed at, especially when combined with the 10% discount code that was kicking around on Quidco.  So, I bought four.  Paradoxal, Particuliere, Paparazzi and Starlet.  And got 1,500 points added to my card, which equates to £15.  I must use this carefully for dull necessity purchases for this to count as a saving, though.  Yawn.  £15 worth of mouthwash here I come.

Starlet is beautiful.  I’ve seen it described variously, but I perceive it as a warm, peachy coral with subtle golden shimmer.  It’s just perfect for the extended summer that we’re currently experiencing in the UK.

Chanel 5171


The shimmer is visible in the bottle.

Chanel 5172


And on the nails.  Which is a bonus, as Chanel shimmers sometimes mysteriously disappear between bottle and application!

Chanel 5173


Chanel 5175


I am wearing two coats here, with a top coat.  And a base coat.  Illamasqua’s, which is fab at covering up the many ridges and imperfections that blight my nails.

Chanel 5174

Would I repurchase?  Yes, although I guess that’s hypothetical.  Seriously, has anyone ever finished up a nail polish?  I know that I haven’t!

Love, SnailPolish x




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