Review – Chanel Le Vernis 555 Blue Boy

I am slightly obsessed with all things Chanel, especially the makeup (to be frank, that and the sunnies are all I can afford!).  In particular, I am obsessed with Chanel’s Le Vernis range, swoon.

I love the Les Jeans series and am lucky enough to own all three of them.


Thus far, I have only worn shade 555 Blue Boy, having hoarded the other two greedily, just in case.


I love this shade.  It’s a fab, muted greyed-out denim blue.  I am wearing it with Illamasqua’s base coat and Essie’s Good To Go top coat, and I can get 7 days with just ip wear using this combo.  The first coat does go on quite thin, so I am generous with the second coat.  This is definitely not a one-coat wonder (unlike Dragon, but that’s another day’s post).


Now, I appreciated that £18 is a lot to spend on a polish, and there are many people that can’t/won’t drop that much.  That’s your call.  Personally, I would re-purchase.  I mean, it’s Chanel dahlink!

Love, SnailPolish x



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